osmotek treats virtually all types of contaminated water to international potable standard.

seawater desalination

We offer a range of proven desalination technology solutions ranging from packaged small scale residential to large scale utility plants. Environmentally conscious and energy efficient solutions can be developed for all sea water conditions.

wastewater treatment

Wastewater re-use for human consumption is becoming a globally acceptable practice, suggesting significant growth in this sector over the next decade. osmotek is working closely with industry leaders to develop and access new cutting-edge technologies.

industrial water recovery & re-use

The recovery, treatment, recycling and re-use of contaminated industrial water for the mining, fracking and petrochemical industries is still severely underutilized. We can offer clients bespoke DBOOT or similar finance models to demonstrate significant operational cost savings with no initial capital outlay.

mobile water treatment plants

The need for rapidly deployable mobile water treatment plants, whether trailer mounted land-based plants or barge-mounted sea-based plants, has increased exponentially. osmotek’s modular designs allow for flexibility in capacity, mobility and mode of transport.